British Columbia Construction Industry

The construction industry in the province of British Columbia (BC) is experiencing a strong growth period. This boom has benefited all areas of the industry and has resulted in very attractive opportunities for foreign trade workers, who would like to move to Canada.

What is driving growth in the BC construction industry?

The main drivers of the boom are positive economic conditions, low interest rates, tourism and a growing population.

Which areas of the province are benefiting most?

The areas which are seeing the most benefit are Greater Vancouver and Whistler.

What are some of the major projects underway?

Where do you expect the industry to go over the next few years?

Strong economic conditions and low interest rates are expected to remain in place for the next 5 years at least. This will support continued demand for homes and for office space. Over and above these positive influences, the large new projects that are either planned, or underway, will provide a great deal of work for the construction sector. These include development of the facilities needed for the Olympic Games in 2010, the expansion of the Vancouver Convention Centre, which will be completed in 2008, the upgrade of the “Sea-to-Sky Highway” which will be underway until 2009, and the construction of the RAV line which will also continue until 2009.

What is the employment situation in the construction industry?

The large number of projects that are being developed in the industry has resulted in a shortage of workers. Many companies cannot find all the workers that they require, and some of these employers are now looking to recruit trade workers from other countries. This offers very attractive opportunities for foreign trade workers who would like to move to Canada.

What trades are in demand?

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