Canada Trade Jobs

Our Mission

The mission of Canada Trade Jobs is threefold:

Shortage of Skilled Tradesmen

Canada’s needs skilled tradesmen.  With vast natural resources and many construction projects, and an aging workforce, hiring foreign workers can help Canadian firms prosper.

Foreign workers now have the chance to work in Canada with some of the highest paying trade jobs in the world.  Canada’s immigration laws also allow you to bring your family to Canada, and apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.  If you are a skilled tradesman, look at the list of trades which are in demand.  If you have the skills and experience in one of these trades, you can complete a free initial assessment to see if you might qualify to work in Canada.

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Helping Employers tap into the Global Workforce

Canada’s booming economy has created tremendous growth and expansion opportunities for Canadian companies.  However, along with prosperity comes a labour shortage.  Globally, there are hundreds of thousands of skilled tradespeople, in the Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, and other trades who are eager to come to Canada.  At, we work with Immigration attorneys to help you recruit, assess, and hire foreign tradesmen, obtain work permits for them, then bring them to your company.

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"Building Canada’s Future, one tradesman at a time"