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Recruiting experienced trade workers can be time consuming and frustrating.  Finding foreign tradesmen, assessing their skills and determining if they can meet provincial licensing requirements involves major effort on your part. The  work permit process is even more challenging, and can take months. On top of these challenges, you may not know whether you will actually be successful until the foreign worker lands on your doorstep!  The uncertainty can make it very difficult to plan your business.

At CanadaTradeJobs, we take the guesswork out of the process.  Working with our international affiliates in the USA, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, we can help you:

  • Find suitable tradesmen, whether you need one or one hundred;
  • Assess their credentials to work for you in Canada; 
  • Arrange for provincial trade exams, training, and certification if necessary;
  • Process or finalize a Labour Market Opinion for the position;
  • Arrange Canadian work permits;  and
  • Arrange transportation for the foreign worker to your firm.

Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience in handling work permits for foreign workers, and has served clients from over 50 countries.

Complementing our credentials:

  • We are affiliated with Lowe and Company, a leading Canadian immigration and business law firm;
  • We have worked with Trades training institutions in Western Canada that can help foreign tradesmen with their licensing exams, and
  • We have local contacts in BC and Alberta to assist foreign tradesmen and their families settle in Canada.

Canada Trade Jobs offers you an A to Z solution to your foreign recruitment needs. Contact our President, Jeffrey Lowe, to discuss how we can help your firm!