How much is a 2 year work visa Canada?

Planning to work in Canada? The 2-Year Work Visa is a popular option for individuals seeking employment opportunities in the country. While the visa allows you to live and work in Canada for up to two years, it's essential to understand the associated costs and expenses before applying. In this article, we will delve into the fees and financial considerations related to obtaining a 2-Year Work Visa in Canada.

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Understanding the 2-Year Work Visa in Canada

The 2-Year Work Visa, officially known as the International Experience Canada (IEC) visa, is a program that allows foreign nationals from partner countries to work and gain valuable experience in Canada. This visa is available to individuals aged 18-35 (or 18-30 for certain countries) who meet the eligibility criteria set by the Canadian government.

Eligibility Criteria for the 2-Year Work Visa

To qualify for the 2-Year Work Visa, you must meet specific requirements, including:

  • Being a citizen of a partner country
  • Meeting the age requirements
  • Having a valid passport
  • Having sufficient funds to support yourself in Canada
  • Obtaining health insurance coverage
  • Showing intent to return to your home country after the visa expires

Applying for a 2-Year Work Visa in Canada

The application process for the 2-Year Work Visa involves several steps, including:

  • Creating an online account with the Government of Canada
  • Completing the online application form
  • Submitting the required supporting documents, such as your passport and proof of funds
  • Paying the application fee

Processing Time and Approval for the 2-Year Work Visa

The processing time for a 2-Year Work Visa application varies depending on factors such as the volume of applications and the accuracy of the submitted information. On average, it takes around 8 weeks to receive a decision on your application. If approved, you will receive a Letter of Introduction, allowing you to travel to Canada and obtain your work permit upon arrival.

Costs Involved in Obtaining a 2-Year Work Visa

When applying for a 2-Year Work Visa, there are several costs to consider:

  • Application Fee: The application fee for the 2-Year Work Visa is CAD $150.
  • Biometrics Fee: In addition to the application fee, you may need to pay a biometrics fee of CAD $85, which covers the cost of fingerprinting and a digital photograph.
  • Health Insurance: It is mandatory to have health insurance coverage while in Canada. The cost of insurance varies depending on the duration of your stay and the coverage you choose.
  • Proof of Funds: You will need to show proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Canada. The exact amount required varies based on factors such as the length of your stay and whether you have arranged accommodation in advance.

Tips for Saving Money on Your 2-Year Work Visa Application

Here are some tips to help you save money during the 2-Year Work Visa application process:

  • Apply online: Applying online is generally cheaper than applying through a paper application.
  • Plan ahead: Start the application process well in advance to avoid any rush fees or additional expenses.
  • Compare health insurance options: Research various health insurance providers to find the most affordable coverage that meets your needs.


Obtaining a 2-Year Work Visa in Canada comes with costs and expenses that need to be considered. By understanding the fees involved and planning ahead, you can ensure a smooth and budget-friendly application process. Remember to review the eligibility criteria and gather all necessary documents before submitting your application. Good luck with your Canadian work adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the processing fee for a 2-Year Work Visa in Canada?

The processing fee for a 2-Year Work Visa in Canada is CAD $150.

2. Are there any additional fees or expenses to consider?

In addition to the application fee, you may need to pay a biometrics fee of CAD $85 and obtain health insurance coverage.

3. Can I get a refund if my 2-Year Work Visa application is denied?

No, the application fee is non-refundable, even if your 2-Year Work Visa application is denied.

4. Are there any financial support options available for 2-Year Work Visa applicants?

While there are no financial support options provided by the Canadian government specifically for 2-Year Work Visa applicants, you can explore scholarships, grants, or other funding opportunities available in your home country or through international organizations.

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