Which skilled trades career has the highest average salary?

Skilled trades are an essential part of the Canadian workforce, contributing to various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation. If you're considering a career in the skilled trades, you may be wondering which trade offers the highest average salary. This article will explore the top skilled trades careers in Canada that have the highest average salaries.

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What is a skilled trade?

A skilled trade refers to a profession that requires specialized knowledge and training in a particular field. These trades typically involve manual labor and often require an apprenticeship or certification. Skilled trades encompass a wide range of occupations, such as electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters, and HVAC technicians.

Why are skilled trades in demand?

Skilled trades are in high demand in Canada due to several factors. Firstly, the aging workforce has led to a shortage of skilled workers, creating numerous job opportunities for individuals entering the trades. Secondly, the continuous growth in the construction and infrastructure sectors has further fueled the demand for skilled tradespeople. Lastly, the stability and competitive salaries associated with skilled trades make them an attractive career choice.

Factors that determine average salary

Several factors influence the average salary of skilled trade careers. These factors include the level of experience, geographic location, industry demand, and specialized skills. It's important to consider these factors when choosing a skilled trade career, as they can impact your earning potential.

Top skilled trades careers with high average salaries

While salaries can vary depending on the factors mentioned above, some skilled trades careers have consistently high average salaries. Here are a few examples:

  • Electrical Power Line Technician: With their specialized skills in installing and maintaining power lines, electrical power line technicians can earn a high average salary.
  • Elevator Mechanic: Elevator mechanics are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining elevators, escalators, and other lifting devices, which often come with a lucrative average salary.
  • Steamfitter-Pipefitter: Steamfitter-pipefitters work with pipes, valves, and other plumbing systems. Their expertise in this field is well compensated with a high average salary.

How to choose a skilled trade career

Choosing a skilled trade career involves considering various factors such as personal interests, aptitudes, job prospects, and salary expectations. Researching different trades, speaking with industry professionals, and exploring apprenticeship programs can help you make an informed decision.


Skilled trades offer rewarding career opportunities in Canada, with some trades boasting high average salaries. By understanding the factors that influence salary and exploring the top skilled trades careers, you can make an informed decision about your future career path.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highest paying skilled trades in Canada?

Some of the highest paying skilled trades in Canada include electrical power line technician, elevator mechanic, and steamfitter-pipefitter.

Do you need a college degree for skilled trade careers?

No, most skilled trade careers do not require a college degree. However, they often require specialized training, certification, and apprenticeship programs.

Are skilled trades in demand in every province?

Skilled trades are in demand in most provinces, but the demand may vary depending on the region and industry. It's important to research specific provincial requirements and job markets when considering a skilled trade career.

What are the future prospects for skilled trade careers?

The future prospects for skilled trade careers are promising. With ongoing infrastructure projects, the need for skilled tradespeople is expected to grow. Additionally, the retiring workforce will create further job opportunities in the coming years.

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